Wednesday, May 16, 2012

City Center Las Vegas: Halo and Glacia by WET

WET, the water feature and fountain design firm, responsible for the Mirage Volcano and the Fountains of Bellagio, have created five installations for City Center. Lumia, Focus and Latisse are within the Aria Resort & Casino. This post covers Glacia and Halo, both located in Crystals, which I encountered again as I returned to the Cosmopolitan after touring City Center taking a route through the retail complex. There's always something interesting about water in a controlled environment manipulated in unusual ways.

Visit for more information about the firm and to learn more about their water featrues.

Halo materializes as a series of water vortices held captive within clear cylinders that thrust up through the floor. Swirling water appears caught in constant motion. These colorful swirls of water is set as focal point of the Crystals atrium. Guest are free to walk through and touch the maze of spinning water while staying completely dry.

Near ground level entrance to the Crystals, Glacia is meant to cool guests with large pillars of carved ice that rise as tall as 15 feet. And "rise" is the operative word, as these columns emerge silently from a pristine pool, ascending slowly upward as immense monoliths of frozen water. Colored lighting combines with the varied clarity of the ice (sometimes crystal clear, sometimes frosty white) to produce a visual experience that never repeats itself.


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