Friday, May 18, 2012

Arriving at HNL and Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Claim

Passengers arriving on Hawaiian Airlines flights should be aware that baggage claim is at the inter-island terminal but the flights arrive at the overseas terminal. So deplaning passengers have the option of walking (about 10 minutes) or using the airport's intra-airport shuttles. For the most part shuttle drivers attempt to be waiting for an arriving flight. The buses do crowded once you factor in everyone's carry-on bags.

Arriving at HNL tonight, I opt to walk. It's late evening and cool and I get to stretch my legs. At baggage claim are the usual lei greeters for passengers who have booked the packages.

I was originally scheduled to arrive at 7:15am on an American Airlines flight via a connection made in Los Angeles after what would have been an 11:35am departure from Vegas. But after my flight was cancelled and rebooked on a non-stop flight on Hawaiian, only get in two hours later. The Hawaiian flight left Vegas at 6:15pm and arrived in Honolulu at 9:30pm.

This is the last of my "Las Vegas May 2012" posts. I'll again posting feature articles until my next big trip which is my annual visit to New York City in June.


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