Friday, April 20, 2012

Paris Las Vegas: Metro Station Entrances in the Casino

Representation of the Paris Metro stations marks the location of
gaming table at the Paris Las Vegas casino.
(photo credit: antydiluvian/flickr) 
One of the actual Paris Metro station entrances in Paris, France.
This one of the Chatelet station
(photo credit: iko/flickr)
No detail was left unturned. The design theme of the Paris Las Vegas even covers the casino floor. The steel structures under which are located the gaming tables are representations of the Paris Metro station entrances and includes the names of real stations in the city.

These Metro entrances in the art nouveau style feature glass canopies and a cast-iron balustrade decorated in plant-like motifs. The designs date back to 1900 and some of these iconic station entrances have been given to other cities. They can be found in Montreal, Washington DC, Moscow and New York City. Replicas can be found in Lisbon, Mexico City and Chicago.


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