Friday, April 20, 2012

Cafe Belle Madeleine at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel

Cafe Belle Madeleine at the Paris Las Vegas.
Some of the exquisite pastries sold at the patisserie.
(above photos: TheHopefulTraveler)
There is no Starbucks at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. If you need a coffee fix, head to the Cafe Belle Madeleine conveniently located near the hotel elevators. Have a freshly made espresso or latte; or a tea, juice or soft drink to kick start any part of your day. Combine it with one of their delicate French pastries or a croissant or turnover for some quick energy. Or if you're looking for something savory try a quiche, sandwich or cheese plate. The back of the shop is devoted to candy and novelty French items and souvenirs.

I visited this patisserie two days ago and ordered a pain au chocolat ($3.50) and large cappuccino ($5). There's a certain joy in something so simple as a freshly-baked flaky pastry with a hot coffee. For something a bit more substantial, tonight I'm having the prosciutto sandwich ($9.00) which is long enough to lay across two dessert plates. Served cold, the spicy meat with baby pickles and greens between a heavily crusted poppy seed french roll, I add my own generous amount of mayonnaise and mustard. Combined with an Orangina ($2.95) sparkling orange juice, it's satisfying enough to tide me over until 11pm when I would have to head over to the airport for a very-early morning flight home.

I wish the line to order would begin all the way at one of the counter rather than mid-way. It would be easier to choose and order a variety of items before heading to the cashier.

Cafe Belle Madeleine is open 6:30am-12am. Seating available inside the restaurant. Free Wi-Fi available but signs around the restaurant caution about using an unsecured internet source. The patisserie accepts special orders of cakes to celebrate special occasions.

Pain au chocolat and cappuccino.
Prosciutto sandwich and Orangina.
I'm the only patron at the patisserie for a bit early this Friday night.
A steady flow of customers is the norm for most of the day.
A "madeleine" is a traditional small French sponge cake.
(above photos: TheHopefulTraveler) 


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