Friday, March 30, 2012

The Ten Most Bizarre Vending Machines

Travel to enough countries and you'll learn the world of differences that makes each place unique. This goes for what can be sold and dispensed from vending machines. Smarter Travel has compiled a list of some of the craziest vending machines.

(photo credit: KrisCrockett/flickr)
Live Crabs (China)
These machines are located in subways in China and they dispense live crabs.
Click HERE to watch of video of the machine.

(photo credit: manyone/flickr)
Gold To Go (Dubai)
The machine itself doesn't only dispense gold but is coated with a layer of gold itself. The price of the gold is updated every ten minutes to keep the price current. (

(photo credit: josfiets/flickr)
Bikes (Netherlands)
What's called the "Bikedispenser" is an actual machine that pops out a bike when you've inserted money. (

(photo credit:
Sushi (Japan)
Though one has to wonder if one can trust the quality, it's still healthier than chips and candy.

(photo credit: Daily Mail)
Dog-O-Matic (France)
No this machine does not sell dogs. It's an automatic dog washer. Open the door, insert dog and pay based on the dog's size.
Click HERE to watch the Dog-O-Matic do its thing.

(photo credit:
Canna Med Box (California)
A marijuana vending machine. 'Nuff said. (

(photo credit:
Cupcakes (Beverly Hills)
Restocked daily by Beverly Hills bakery Sprinkles, customers pop in $4 for a sweet treat 24/7.
Click HERE to view a YouTube video of the machine.

(photo credit:
Fingernail-Painting (Japan)
Stick your finger in and get a design painted on.

(photo credit:
Automatic Apparel (Boston)
Need an entire new outfit (from shoes to underwear)? This machine can help you out. (

(photo credit: popaitaly/flickr)
Let's Pizza (Italy)
No need for delivery. A fresh pizza is made in two-and-a-half minutes. (UK site:
Click HERE to watch the machine at work.

Those ProActive acne medication vending machines don't sound so weird now.
Visit to view the full article.


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