Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spread The Word: New 'The Book of Mormon' Musical Shirt Designs

Show your support for God's Favorite Musical by wearing
God's Favorite T-shirt. The gold tee features 'The Book
of Mormon' logo on the back. (note: online exclusive)
Call them shirts, t-shirts or tees, the marketing masters behind the musical 'The Book of Mormon' is still on roll. A new set of shirts were introduced and most are available only online at the Book of Mormon Broadway Store. Only the "Turn It Off" shirt and previously available shirt designs are available at the Eugene O'Neill theatre on Broadway and online.

Again the designers have taken references from the musical and plastered it on the front of these shirts. For fans of the show, which is still selling out a year later and commanding a premium ticket price of $477, such a variety of souvenir shirts may be hard to resist. All shirts range in price from $30 to $35 (shipping additional).

Click HERE to see the previous post about the other shirts available for 'The Book of Mormon'. Click HERE to purchase these shirts and other souvenirs from the Book of Mormon Broadway Store.
Do you love Orlando? Then you and Elder Price have something
in common. Show your love for not only Orlando, but also 'The
Book of Mormon,' in the Planet Orlando Tee! The black tee features
a gold foil planet outline on the front and Book of Mormon logo
on the back. (note: online exclusive)
Feeling something you shouldn't? Turn it off! Wear this 'Book of
Mormon' Turn It Off Tee as a reminder that you can simply turn
off any feelings that you shouldn't be feeling. 
Become one with the land in Africa. Wear the tee to prove it.
(note: online exclusive).
Are you ready to man up? (note: this long sleeve
shirt is an online exclusive)
Do you believe? Show it with this tee with the
show logo on the back.
(note: online exclusive)


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