Saturday, March 24, 2012

Photos Released of the New 'Phantom' UK Tour

John Owen-Jones (Phantom) and Katie Hall (Christine) in
the Phantom's lair.
(photos credit: Michael Le Poer Trench and Robin Savage)
Producer Cameraon Mackintosh has kept a tight leash on revealing any performance videos or even production photos of the new re-imaginged UK Tour of Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'The Phantom of the Opera'. Finally some photos of the new production have been released. The revelation is the costumes by Maria Bjornson are not changed.  It is the new set design by Mick Potter that will likely be the subject of argument for those who have seen the original.

So far these photos reveal that there are steps (pictured above) that lead down to the Phantom's lair amid floating candles. For the "Masquerade" sequence (pictured below) the grand steps of the opera house are gone. Instead the playing space is opened up to be an ornate circular ballroom with a large oval mirror above the revelers.

Visit for tour dates, tickets and more information. Tour dates in the UK are scheduled into 2013. It's unlikely any announcement will be made anytime soon regarding if the tour will play London or international cities.

The company during "Masquerade"
Angela M. Caesar (Carlotta) in the "Hannibal" scenes.
John Owen-Jones (Phantom) and Katie Hall (Christine)
John Owen-Jones (Phantom)


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