Sunday, December 11, 2011

Digital Camera Mistakes To Avoid

(photo: PauloBrandao/flickr)
Consumer Reports featured some quick and simple tips to avoid some common mistakes when using a digital camera. However unlike when we used camera film, today we shoot many shots and choose the best ones when we return home. But as we all know this becomes a chore after a while. Better heed these tips to save time while on vacation and when reviewing the photos back at home.

Not reading the user manual. This will deprive you of features that could greatly improve the shots you take. You should brush up on it at home or while traveling to your destination.

Not bringing a spare battery. Even if you charged the battery the same morning, reviewing shots on the camera can deplete it by late in the day. Exposure to cole can also reduce battery life. Charge a spare and keep it on hand.

Trying to squeeze too many photos on the storage card. You can do this by lowering the resolution or increasing compression, but both will reduce the quality of larger prints. Memory cards are cheap. It's better to bring extra along.

Using a flash when you shouldn't. Flash can cause red-eye, wash out skin tones, and flatten scenes. To avoid using flash, shoot with the sun or light source to your back or move the subject closer to a window or other sources of light. Never use flash on a subject more than a few feet away as you'll get a dim subject with a black background.

Using a very high ISO. If your camera has this option it's tempting to crank up the ISO to the highest setting. But this will degrade the quality of the photos you snap.

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