Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hawaiian Airlines Announces New York Flights

Since the news announcement last week numerous friends and acquaintances have been kind enough to make me aware that Hawaiian Airlines will schedule daily flight service to New York City.

Currently the only non-stop flight from Honolulu to NYC is on Continental Airlines via Newark Airport. The Hawaiian flights starting on June 4, 2012 will arrive and depart from John F. Kennedy International Airport. The airline is promoting the service with a special $212 one-way coach fare (a play on a NYC area code) and $808 first class (a play on the Hawaii area code). For June departures, Continental prices the round-trip economy fare between $680 and $1,000. Hopefully another difference will be the hospitality that is one of the signatures of Hawaiian's in-flight service which includes meal service for both economy and first class passengers.

It would be interesting to take these flights. However upon closer inspection of the fares on Hawaiian, the $212 special is for flights departing from Honolulu. The return trip fares are priced more. Although I hold a gold level status on Hawaiian from all the business travel I make inter-island, for overseas flights my carrier of choice is American Airlines. Because I plan to maintain my platinum elite level status with American and 10,000 miles is earned round-trip to the east coast from Hawaii, it's unlikely I'll switch carriers when flying to the mainland.

But the real bonus of the Hawaiian flights is the added accessibility to Hawaii for East Coast residents that should help boost the 50th state's economy; and with another carrier flying non-stop flights to NYC, prices could become more competitive in the airfare wars. Visit for booking information.


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