Monday, October 24, 2011

Philadelphia Marriott Downtown: Amenities & Wi-Fi

(photos: TheHopefulTraveler)
This is one in a series of posts about the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown.

It appears that Marriott has trademarked names for use on their in-room coffee service. This past summer when I stayed at the Renaissance, one of Marriott's family of brands, in New York City the coffee was called Urbanista. Here at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown it is called Pure Elevation Pure Coffee. I'm not a coffee expert so I would be hard pressed to tell you the difference in taste between either brands though Pure Elevation is advertised as 100% Columbian Supreme and Urbanista is a Columbian, Nicaraguan and Sumatran blend. The service includes decaffeinated coffee.

I love these single serve coffee makers and disposable packets. If one read the horror stories about unclean coffee pots these machines seem safer. However the overall cleanliness of the machines is up for debate. It was disappointment that the cups did not include covers to make them portable.

The large bottle of water costs $3.50 but the two smaller bottles are complimentary and were only given on the second day of housekeeping.

The electronic safe is placed in the closet and is simply programmed with a unique security code of your choice. The digital clock includes a cord to plug into your MP3 player, iPhone or iPad should you want to pump up the volume on your personal playlist. The lamps on the nightstands include outlets so that you can charge your phone bedside.

In today's world of being wired, Wi-Fi is still not complimentary in many hotels including this one. For $12.95 per day the wired-for-business package includes standard high-speed internet, unlimited local and domestic long-distance. For $16.95 the premium package includes internet speeds that is 4x faster. In lieu of purchasing either package, the 3G access on my iPhone and iPad was perfect for the purposes of my trip to check emails and browse the internet for info about attractions.


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