Sunday, October 23, 2011

End of a Visit to Phildelphia, Pennsylvania

The line begins before before the American Airlines check-in
counter opens.
(photo: TheHopefulTraveler).
As is usual with flying to Honolulu, Hawaii from the East Coast is the very early departure times. My flight on American Airlines from Philadelphia (PHL) left at 6:10am and then a connection at Dallas-Ft. Worth (10:50am) and arrival in Honolulu (HNL) 2pm. Again I really didn't get much sleep knowing I had to leave my hotel by at least 4am.

Since the airport just opened and several flight ready to depart, the line to pass through security was rather long. But the security agents pulled passengers with airline elite levels like myself and fortunately we were sent to a much shorter line.

The flight from Philly was oversold so with luck the gate agent upgraded my economy ticket to first class which afforded me a larger seat allowing me to get some rest and a second breakfast. I had already eaten in the terminal since I knew there was no meal service in economy class. I wasn't about to pass the opportunity since I knew I would likely want to eat something again upon arriving at DFW.

The flight from DFW from HNL was uneventful. I am so happy with the invention of the iPad. It's my all-in-one entertainment center to help pass the time on the long flight. Combined with my exit row on this 767 jet, I had enough leg room to stretch in my seat. The only downside is the tray table in the armrest. This table is smaller and opens closer to the seat than those that unfold from the seat backs.

This would be my second and final trip this year. It is the least number of trips I've taken since 2005 when I only traveled to New York and Orlando during one trip. This does not include the fifteen trips I make a year traveling to the neighbor islands of Maui, Kauai and the Big Island from Oahu for business. I would normally plan a third trip but ultimately the purpose for such a trip did not present itself and as readers of this blog know, the purpose is the goal of any trip. Traveling is not for the sake of just traveling.

Breakfast at Philadelphia International Airport.


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