Monday, August 29, 2011

See Through Packing Using Two Gallon Freezer Bags

I wrote a post a few days ago about bottled water placed in freezer bags in checked bags. It got me thinking about the use of the various sizes of such freezer bags as a packing tip. We all use the quart and gallon size bags with regular use. But did you know that companies such as Ziploc also manufacture two-gallon size freezer bags. The two gallon size is perfect for shoes and clothing especially mens pants.

These freezer bags allow you to neatly pack pack a bag and makes it easier to re-shuffle items within a bag. Best of all you can see everything at a glance. One hidden benefit is that should airport security need to open your checked bag, they can see its contents without having to open each bag or mess up the contents. Other benefits include keeping everything clean from any liquids and they can be re-used. I normally label the bags I use for shoes or laundry since their re-use is limited.

Anything that can leak should be placed in its own separate bag. Cologne and perfumes should be double bagged. Should they leak, their aroma is more contained. After placing each liquid toilettes in separate bags then place all of them in a larger freezer bag along with other other non-liquid personal items. It'll help when you unpack. By the way gels such as a deodorant can also expand and leak during a flight.

It's worth repeating that freezer bags should be used rather than storage bags due to the thickness of the plastic. Ziploc packages the quart with 20 bags in a box, the gallon with 15 and the two-gallon with 10. The quart and gallon are often discounted during store sales. Less so the two-gallon bag.


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