Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New York City Hotel Room Taxes

(image credit: intuit.com)
With all the news about the transparency regarding airlines and published fares, taxes and fees, I think the same the should be done for hotel prices. As we all know the prices we find online for hotel rooms are before taxes but the taxes and other fees can be a substantial amount especially for long stays and in expensive cities like New York City.

The website littleviewstravel.com has published a convenient New York City Hotel Cost Calculator to calculate the cost for each night. It also calculates the cost for the stay. You would need to make a separate calculation if the per night rate fluctuates.

If you're planning a visit to New York City, these are the current taxes (14.75%) and fees added to the daily hotel rate:
New York State Sales Tax 4%
New York City Sales Tax (4.5%) and Transportation District Surcharge (.375%) = 4.875%
Hotel Room Occupancy Tax $2 plus 5.875%
Javits Tax $1.50

This means a $150 room will actually cost $175.63. A $250 room (no uncommon and a deal in Times Square) will cost a total of $290.38.

Last I understood was that the Javitz hotel tax fed funds of $1.7 billion project to renovate the Javits Convention Center in Manhattan. If anyone knows what else this tax funds or the purpose of this tax has changes, then let me know.


Anonymous said...

If you are going to pay money to stay in hotels in NYC, you mine as well stay somewhere nice such as the Soho Grand!

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