Sunday, July 3, 2011

Times Square: Rain or Shine The Tourists Still Come

(images credit: TheHopefulTraveler)
It appears the rain doesn't dampen the mood for tourists to visit Times Square. In the wet, cold and cloudy weather this afternoon, the theatre district takes on a different air. The splash of water and patter of rain is added to the mix of horns and traffic. Those visitors coming to New York sans umbrella do fine without it still excited to explore the heart of the theatre district. With all surfaces wet, very few find any place dry to sit and soak in the atmosphere. Even appearing with a different aura are the the lights of the billboards which take on a brighter glow in the overcast daylight.

The weather today is in stark comparison when I was NYC last year during the same weekend. Temperatures a year ago hit triple digits. It was the first time I've experience 100+ degree weather in NYC and it was one of the few times I wish I was someplace else. The heat came from the sun above and the heated sidewalks and pavements below. The only escape was to head for the air conditioning inside.


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