Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dagoba: The Art of Chocolate Alchemy

Hershey's candies extend beyond their well-known brands. Acquired and now owned by Hershey's but marketed as separate entities are Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts and Dagoba Organic Chocolate. Mauna Loa candies are sold on a very limited basis on the U.S. mainland to preserve the market it has built in Hawaii. However while visiting the Hershey's Times Square store today, I came across their Dagoba line of specialty chocolate bars.

Since I can't recall seeing them sold in Hawaii I decided to pick up a few bars to bring home as gifts. After visiting New York City almost every year since 1995, the odd souvenirs have lost their meaning so I opt for something consumable. The unusual flavors of chocolate bars carried in the store caught my eye. Chai, lavender blueberry, lemon ginger and roseberry are among their more unique offerings. It's also among the high-end organic brands currently on the market and sells at about three dollars per bar. Sadly I forgot to pick up an extra bar for myself so I have yet to attest to the taste and quality of the chocolate.

Dagoba's founders regard chocolate as a sacred food and wanted to impart that in the name. Dagoba is taken from the Sinhalese (the main language for most Sri Lankans) word for stupa which is sacred structure containing Buddhist relics. The manufacturers of this high-quality organic chocolate produce the brand in a manner that is responsible to the environment. Visit for more information. Other Dagoba products include drinking chocolate and baking products. Dagoba is sold online and in specialty grocers, natural stores and fine-chocolate retailers.


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