Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Waikiki Edition: The Sunrise Pool & The Passage


Many hotel guests including myself usually don't include a visit to a hotel's recreation or fitness facilities. However the Sunrise Pool at The Waikiki Edition is unavoidable with its easy access and inviting atmosphere. This recreation deck can be viewed as outdoor rooms to be enjoyed by all guests regardless if they plan to get wet or not.

The pool deck and planters are all wrapped in worn wood panels hiding the hard concrete surfaces beneath. Furnishings range from picnic tables, chaise lounges and daybeds surrounded by trees and flowering plants.

Many passing by will notice the lounging chairs placed in the water and daybeds, which can be reserved, is an opportunity to people watch or to gaze at the marina.

The wooden tables at the bar beneath a pergola wrapped in vines becomes another retreat to be enjoyed at all times of day. The bar at the pool offers libations such as a Frozen Coconut Mojito or a Deconstructed Mai Tai. A full menu is available offering favorites such as Fried Calamari, Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs or a cooling Caesar Salad. Click HERE for the Sunrise Pool menu.

Last night a walk around the pool after dinner reveals the space transformed into a romantic and lush oasis lit by candle lanterns. See the next post for pictures of the adjoining space the hotel terms The Passage which overlooks the Sunrise Pool.

Note: Always inquire if any resort fees are incurred whenever enjoying recreations spaces at any hotel.


Deemed The Passage by The Waikiki Edition, this long long lanai cooled by wooden ceiling fans overlooks onto the pool deck. It recalls the days of large plantation homes surrounded by an extra wide veranda. Comfy couches and chairs creates another inviting space. With fern plantings along the wall and greenery in every corner, the Passage is a perfect place to enjoy a drink and converse with friends at the end of the day.

One thing I have to mention whilst I was exploring the Edition. The friendly staff prepping hotel grounds for the day all offered a greeting of hello or good morning and a smile. In fact the staff was pleasant during my short visit here. This kind of acknowledgement of the hotel guests is not common even in some of the best hotels and resorts.

This is one of a series of posts about the Waikiki Edition. Click HERE to view the full series of posts.


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