Thursday, May 12, 2011

The World's Largest Miniature Airport: Knuffingen

(all photos: Getty Images)

The world's largest model airport opened this week in Hamburg, Germany in what one press report calls "a spectacular display with a stunning attention to detail." At 494 square feet, the model (loosely based on Hamburg's airport) took more than six years to build. Called Knuffingen Airport, no expense was spared at a cost of nearly $5 million.

The airport is part of the full display at Germany's Miniatur Wunderland which includes the world's largest model railroad landscape exhibition. The models already opened prior to the addition of the airport already boasted 200,000 inhabitants and over six miles of train tracks. Knuffingen is the name of the fictitious city at the German attraction.

With a computer at the control, the planes take-off, land and park themselves, passenger walkways move, people appear to walk around the terminals and vehicles automatically move around the airport. The airport is so up to date that it features model A380s used by Emirates and Lufthansa. From videos uploaded online the lighted airport appears spectacular when viewed in a night scene (see the youtube video above).

The miniature airport features: 40 model aircrafts, 90 vehicles, 15,000 mini-people, 40,000 lights, 500 cars, 10,000 trees, 50 trains, 1,000 wagons, 100 signals, 200 switches, 300 buildings.

I am absolutely fascinated in observing the minute details of the model via the videos and photos of the attractions. And by that admission, I am a total geek. Visit for more information or visit the city of Knuffingen's official website at Additional photos follow the video below.


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