Friday, December 31, 2010

We Hardly Knew You: Pop-Tarts World New York

The wizards at Kellogg's came up with the idea to open a shop called Pop-Tarts World in New York City. Alas the the shop located in Times Square was a pop-up store so its existence is meant to be only temporary. Starting in August 2010 and ending this December 2010, the shop served the famous treat in 28 different flavors. Among the uncommon flavors were vanilla milkshake, hot fudge sundae and cinnamon roll. The treats were served toasted, frozen or at room temperature.

Like a Times Square attraction, the shop also sold logo merchandise. But also being served up were Pop-Tarts sushi (minced pop tarts wrapped in a fruit roll-up) and Pop-Tarts served with ice cream and various toppings. Also available were Pop-Tart bits baked into pies or cookies.

The one thing I would have probably been dazzled by is the shop's Pop-Tarts Varietizer. Like a vending machine, visitors picked and choose the flavors of Pop-Tarts for a custom packaged box of their favorites. The same old flavors in the bulk box of 24 Pop-Tarts from Costco now just pales in comparison.

Merchandise, limited-edition flavors and special occasion packaging is available online. Visit for more information.



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