Thursday, December 9, 2010

L.A. Music Center: Views Via Disney Concert Hall

Los Angeles Cit Hall
Smoke from fires rise above the mountains.
Above & below: the skyscrapers of Downtown L.A.

This is one of a series of posts about the Los Angeles Music Center.

One of the attractions of the Walt Disney Concert Hall are the views from the park and walkways that wrap around the center high above the sidewalk below. The hall should include signs pointing to "scenic point" or "photo spot." All photos taken from the concert hall in 2009.

My opinion for any metropolis that relies on visitors is to build an attraction that will offer clear and expansive views of the city. It can become a hub for tourists to the city. Obvious examples are the Sears Tower, Space Needle, CN Tower, Stratosphere and Empire State Building. The London Eye in England becomes both ride and viewing platform. Businesses near these attractions reap the benefits of the visiting crowds.


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