Saturday, November 20, 2010

By Jeeves, What's In A Website's Name?

Sometimes an idea comes by accident, sometimes by inspiration. When I first started this blog three years ago, one of the questions was what to call it. It had to be about travel but connected or inspired with the theater. It was upon organizing some CDs that I came across the 'By Jeeves' original London cast recording by Andrew Lloyd Webber. One of the track titles is "Travel Hopefully" which has lyrics that go:

"My philosophy's to travel hopefully
And making each day that I survive
An opportunity to share the company
That welcomes me when I arrive.
Travel hopefully with me
And I will guarantee
There'll be no pause for doubt.
Hit the nearest country track
No time for looking back."
(lyrics by Alan Ayckbourn)

So the name 'The Hopeful Traveler' was born.

No sooner as I started writing posts, I have to come to learn that other blogs, books and artwork carry the same name. No matter. I like the name and I'll keep it.

All recordings of 'By Jeeves' including the London and American cast versions are no longer in print or found on iTunes. The 2001 video of the musical never had an American (NTSC) release and is rare in the UK where it was once available. The song "Travel Hopefully" does make an appearance on the Andrew Lloyd Webber: Now And Forever 5-disc box set which includes numbers from all his shows up to 'The Beautiful Game' and rare recordings.

If five discs of music may be a bit unwieldily, a more recent 3-disc set (which does not include "Travel Hopefully") released from 2008 called Andrew Lloyd Webber: 60 may be to your liking.


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