Thursday, September 16, 2010

Waterloo Station is the Busiest in London

Waterloo Station for visitors is their main access to the South Bank and the London Eye. As most stations serve mainly the London Underground, Waterloo is also a major railway terminus. Serving over 88 million passengers, it is the busiest railway station in London (and second in Europe to Gare du Nord in France) based on ticket sales not including underground admissions. It is also one of the largest stations in central London.

The station dates back to 1848 and as of recent served as the terminus for the Eurostar trains to Paris. This service ended in 2007 when Eurostar began departures from St. Pancras railway station due to the addition of a route.

This past summer, the Eurostar platforms were used as the stage for the play 'The Railway Children', based on the 1970s film and recently a Masterpiece Theatre presentation, with the audience sitting on either side of the railway track and includes the use of a live steam train.  Alert movie fans will recognize the station from "The Bourne Ultimatum" starring Matt Damon in the scene with Paddy Considine as a reporter.

To head towards the London Eye, turn left after exiting the tube station from the escalators. Cross over through the foot bridge pass the former Eurostar platforms. Follow the direction signs to the London Eye.

As a major station, shopping and eating is conveniently found along the entire station for bored or hungry travelers. Note that tube stations are sparsely separated in the South Bank so keep in mind which station is closest to the attractions you plan to visit that day. Southwark and London Bridge Stations may be your best options for return if walking east on the Jubilee Walkway along the Thames. Along the way is the South Bank Centre, Tate Modern, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and Vinopolis.


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