Sunday, September 19, 2010

Trafalgar Square Daytime and Nighttime: Two Photos

Trying my hand at some creative photography. The photo on the right was taken last night. When I visited Trafalgar this morning, I tried to duplicate the shot (above) but forgetting the original was in the portrait mode.

The photos from this series of London posts were either taken using a Kodak EasyShare M109315 or the original iPhone from 2007. The camera is about a year old but the iPhone is three. Yes, I know I should upgrade. But I'm trying to get my investment worth and waiting till it finally kills over which may be very soon. I love the Kodak camera. It's quick and easy to use, takes great photos (although the user doesn't always). Even though it's a little thicker than the iPhone, the length is shorter and fits comfortably in my pocket and always ready to use.


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