Monday, September 20, 2010

The O2 complex on the Greenwich Peninsula

Formerly known as the Millennium Dome and constructed to house an exhibition celebrating the turn of the third millennium. The venue largely lay to waste until 2007 when the entire complex re-opened after a £350 million (over a half-billion in US dollars) redevelopment and today is simple known as The O2, named after the UK's leading provider of mobile phones.

Entertainment Avenue.
Served by the modern North Greenwich underground station, the main visitor attractions are events at the 23,000 seat O2 Arena (on the schedule was the 25th Anniversary Concert of 'Les Miserables' and concerts by Andrea Bocelli, Lady Ga Ga and Taylor Swift) and the British Music Experience museum. Also within the complex is Entertainment Avenue lined with the indigO2 (a 2,410 capacity live music club), O2 Bubble exhibition space, Vue at O2 Cinemas and several restaurants. Wide open space inside and outside allow for other special events and exhibitions.

I was here to visit the British Music Experience (see next post) and this is the ideal place to find an uncrowded place to eat. All restaurants, as fast-food joints are banned from the complex, were light on customers since it was a weekday with no event at the arena. I have to admit the size and vastness of the O2 has to be seen to be believed. However with such a large structure, there is a walk from the underground station through the plaza outside and then through the O2 interior past all the restaurants and entertainment venues to the British Music Experience.

Nearly one-third of The O2 floor space is undeveloped and there are some reports that a casino, cruise terminal or hotel are under consideration. More info about The O2 and a list of restaurants and events at

Beneath The O2 canopy (above and below)

The O2 exterior as viewed from the plaza.


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