Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Marks & Spencer, A Food Hall Alternative

If you're looking for a more reasonable gift alternative to the Food Halls at Harrods, try the one at Marks & Spencer instead. The retailer carries their name on many items that would make fine gifts to take home. From chocolates (made in Belgium) to preserves (currant or rhubarb & ginger) to various cookies to whiskey, these items range in cost from one to two British Pounds with a small bottle of M&S whiskey at five Pounds. The cost for a similar product from Harrods would probably be double so Marks & Spencer is especially attractive if you have a long list for gifts. Although there are M&S stores internationally, these stores are not common in the United States. Click here for a list of their international locations.

The store on Oxford Street is nearest to the Marble Arch underground station. Hours are from 9am on weekdays and noon on Sundays.


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