Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Largest Apple Store in the World Opens

Only a month old, I visited the newest Apple Store in London by accident. I did not know a new London location opened and I like to return to Covent Garden to soak up the atmosphere, find a bargain or dine at one of the establishments nearby. So it was surprise to find this huge branch of the store which I have learned is now the largest Apple store in the world. Yes, I am a user of Apple products.

Could there be a battle between London and New York City? The London store on Regent Street held the title of largest Apple Store. Then the 5th Avenue location in New York took the title in 2007 which it held until this year.

Exposed brick, polished wood and tons of glass add to the uniqueness of this location. The store is spread over three separate floors and contains two signature pieces of architecture found in other large Apple Stores: the shiny glass elevator and two glass staircases, a first for any store. The huge space allows for the display for every Apple product and many accessories not found at other stores. A store this size helps to even out the crowd and makes the space more inviting.

Spacious and full of light, the store offers views overlooking the store's glass covered atrium and the Covent Garden piazza outside.

The 300th location in the chain, more info about this specific store can be found by clicking here. More info about all things Apple at The store is opened Mon-Sat from 9am-9pm and Sunday from Noon-6pm.

Photos: Above, entrance from the Covent Garden piazza; below from top to bottom, view of piazza from second floor, the two-story glass-covered atrium, view through the second floor, the spiral glass staircase.


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