Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Green Park to Buckingham Palace

Use the tube station at Green Park to visit Buckingham Palace. This will lead you to the front of the palace onwards to the ticket desk of the palace's State Rooms tour. Upon leaving the station's south exit is an expanse of green. Next it's difficult not to observe the numerous deckchairs that are spread out from March to October for park visitors. This area leads to a wooded area on the way to the palace. Unfortunately time was short to enjoy this expansive park as I hurried to Buckingham Palace then lunch before an afternoon play.

One of the Royal Parks in London, Green Park is 47 acres and lacks any lakes or buildings like other major parks. One monument on the way to the palace is the Canada Memorial (pictured below). Built in 1994, it honors the thousands of Canadian forces killed during both world wars. Sculpted in red granite, a walkway divides the memorial in two distinct halves representing Britain and Canada's joint participation in each world war. The sloping surface and inset of maple leaves (the Canadian emblem) is meant to create the illusion of floating leaves. The memorial is maintained by the Canadian government.

The park is said to have its origins as a burial ground for lepers from St. James Hospital nearby. In 1688, Charles II made the bulk of the land into a Royal Park. For information about the Royal Parks, visit


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