Sunday, September 19, 2010

Euphorium Bakery in Thomas Neal's Centre

Behind this brick warehouse facade is a trendy shopping mall that feels like it was transported straight from a big American city. Thomas Neal's is filled with retailers that attracts a young hip crowd with such shops as Carhartt, Firetrap, Fred Perry, G-Star and Fat Face.

I was not feeling out of place however. The Donmar Warehouse where I saw a play a couple of days ago has an entrance to their box office inside the centre. Also it appeared the Euphorium Bakery here would attract a more varied audience including me. It's always difficult to find a place to eat in busy Covent Garden that's not crowded on an afternoon but on Sunday the crowds were sparse. This cafe looked pleasant and it was on the way to my hotel.

Euphorium Bakery advertising states "It's not magic, it's a monocellular orgasm" and is well known as one of London's finest artisan bakeries. So I could not resist and ordered a veggie pizza, cupcake, americano coffee and still water. Simple and quick, I would recommend this cafe if you happen to be here and short of time. Though I ate everything, it was fairly standard. Because their other pastries and savory items also looked delicious and the staff quick and friendly with their service, I would come back to try one of their other treats.

This Euphorium Bakery has eight locations in London. This location is on the basement level of Thomas Neal's (with entrances on Earlham Street and Shorts Gardens). Hours are Mon-Sat 10am-7pm and Sun 12pm-6pm. More info at Go online at to learn about the shops, restaurants and attractions in this part of Covent Garden.


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