Friday, September 14, 2007

Ground Zero - June 2007

The morning on June 30, 2007 was spent with my fellow blogger, Pencilpantz, with a return to Ground Zero. It is always moving to walk the perimeter and view the site again as well as progress of construction. With the building of the foundation of the new structure that will replace the World Trade Center towers underway, places to view the below ground portions of the area will become few. If taking the subway to Ground Zero, be sure the stations (such as Cortland St) are not blocked by construction. The site is best viewed during the daylight hours and from the second floor of the Winter Garden at the World Financial Center and along the South Bridge that connects the WFC to Liberty Street. More info at

Top photo: looking east from the WFC Winter Garden. The Millennium Hilton Hotel stands in the background center.
Lower photo: looking north from the South Bridge. The recently completed World Trade Center 7 tower is on the right, the first completed building in the rebuilding of Ground Zero.


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