Monday, September 10, 2007

"Curtains" rises at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre - The Venue

This theatre opened in 1924 as the Martin Beck Theatre, named after a vaudevillian personality of the time. Designed with Byzantine details inside and out, this theatre is one of the most unique looking among Broadway theatres. In 2003, the theatre was renamed the Al Hirschfeld for the famous caricaturist best known for his simple black and white satirical portraits of celebrities and Broadway theatre stars. More people recognize his work for the challenge of locating how many times the name “Nina” (Hirschfeld’s daughter) appears hidden within his drawing. His own self-caricature is captured in blazing neon as part of the theatre’s current marquee. This theatre is the only one of the Broadway theatres that is west of 8th Avenue. Approximate seating is 1,437.
Recent popular productions at this theatre include the musical adaptation of the film “The Wedding Singer" (2006); a revival of “Sweet Charity” (2005) starring Christina Applegate; and “Wonderful Town” (2003) which featured Brook Shields in a later cast.


Jeremy Armstrong said...

So this is where The Wedding Singer was held. Great pictures. It was very interesting hearing about Hirschfeld’s drawings and his daughters hidden name within them but i was wondering if you were able to see these Hirschfeild's drawings yourself? Were they located in the theatre for people to view?
Anyway, another awesome review Hopeful Traveler. Keep up the great work.

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