Saturday, July 28, 2007

Last Thoughts As All Good Things Must End

The picture above pretty much sums up how I felt by the end of this trip. Truly exhausted. This guy had a good idea of taking a nap but he chose to have his on the theatre steps of the London Palladium prior to a matinee performance. I still had the energy to make it through the last full day and to a proper bed.

By habit on every trip, late in the evening on the last night is always reserved to pack for the journey home. I always do so as not to have to rush the chore the day of departure. Yup, all items at right would have to be re-packed. I always find it easier to unpack completely when I arrive at my destination rather than ruffling through a suitcase. Also unpacking clothing saves time from having to iron since clothes naturally lose some (and not gain) wrinkles by just hanging them up. But first a break to relax and read the day's paper was in order. It's always important to have these moments to just unwind.

On 31 May 2007 it was time to fly on the long journey back to Honolulu. I would travel by taxi, train and then by plane (on American Airlines via Los Angeles) again over the course of the entire day. I took my last meal by visiting Patisserie Valerie for their eggs benedict. Since I would not have to take the train out of central London until 11am, I could at least take my time to enjoy a delicious end to this trip.
The quiet subway late in in the evening the night before my departure echoed the end of this visit London. In spite of losing my checked bag for a day, finding replacement items for the interim, returning some of said items after the bag was found and experiencing some truly miserable weather for the month of May, the trip was still another enjoyable one.
It’s a city I love visiting and no doubt will visit again. The preceding posts of things to do and see is by no means the best London has to offer. They are just the tip of the iceberg with the most popular attractions having been visited previously. Perhaps if time permits I may have a go and review them in hindsight. In the meantime I recommend a trip to London by all Hopeful Travelers or at least with this series of posts hope to have wet your appetite for a visit. If not, maybe the pic below of the eggs benedict from Patisserie Valerie will do the trick instead.


James said...

It's great you had a good time. You really look tired. I didn't recognize you on the steps on the theatre. lol

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