Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Evita Falls at the Adelphi - The Last Night

Evita at the Adelphi Theatre closed on 26 May 07, nearly a month shy of its one year anniversary. The house was packed with some of the creative team in the audience. Among them were Michael Grandage (director) and Rob Ashford (choreographer). Grandage is represented on Broadway by “Frost/Nixon” and Ashford by “Curtains” and last season’s “The Wedding Singer”.

The atmosphere was electric with the cast delivering the show with what appeared to be a renewed energy compared to the performance the night before. The "Buenos Aires" number nearly blew the roof off the house.

The leads were presented with bouquets and the ensemble with a rose each during the curtain calls. The applause was thunderous with a standing ovation lasting well after the house lights were turned on. With the audience now clapping in unison, the cast finally reappeared on stage for one last deserved bow. Matt Rawle, who played the narrator, threw his bouquet of roses into the audience.

Two days later I walked past the Adelphi Theatre. Scaffolding masqueraded the theatre facade as the marquee for Evita is finally taken down. Below are pics of the cast and Elena Roger who potrayed Eva Peron (photos: quast guide).


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