Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bramah Museum of Tea & Coffee - For Connoisseurs Only

It’s only fitting that after a visit to a wine museum, one can visit a tea and coffee museum nearby. The Bramah Museum of Tea & Coffee is also located on London’s Southbank (tube: London Bridge). It is a small museum that tells the story of two of the world’s most important commodities.

The museum takes its name from the owner, Edward Bramah, who started the museum in 1992 with a collection of teapots. Tea caddies, teaspoons, strainers, sugar tongs, kettles and early Italian espresso machines are also on display. The largest tea pot in the world is pictured at the top of this post. Numerous printed media in the museum helps to chronicle the tea and coffee histories. The museum is fronted by a café serving a wide variety of both drinks. Part of the musem allows visitors to smell samples of tea and feel the coffee beans (pic below)

Visit this museum if you are an aficionado of tea or coffee. You will find this museum fascinating as it covers the trade of both items around the world from Japan to India to England. Other visitors, like T.H.T, will say it is not a must see but are happy to just have a relaxing place to enjoy a warm drink that isn’t a Starbucks after exploring the sights of the area.

Admission is GBP3. Both the museum and café open daily 10am-6pm. More info at


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