Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Food Halls at Harrods - An Eden of More than Apples

Another food hall at Harrods contains fruits, vegetables, florist and hamper & food orders. Along with the confections and coffee/teas, this hall will be another chance to find that perfect item to bring home. You'll find gift sets or tins of the mentioned items in addition to fruit preserves. During the Christmas holidays, you can pick up authentic Christmas Pudding in various sizes. For many in Britian, the Christmas pudding is one of the most important and favorite part of the Christmas meal. The pudding is rich, alcoholic, fruity and delicious. The Daily Mail, one of Britian's leading newspapers, classified Harrods Classic Christmas pudding as the best in terms of consistency, fruitiness, alchohol flavor and moistness. There is a section in this hall for the placing of food orders and hampers (gift baskets). Keep in mind U.S. customs laws on what can be brought into the United States. But if you have an unusual large amount of gift items, this counter can assist you. However as a caution the postage cost to have Harrods mail these items back to the U.S. for you may be as much as the item you purchasing. Better you choose wisely a limited selection of items that you can pack and bring home yourself.


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