Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Honolulu International Airport: Traveling from Inter-Island Terminal to Overseas Terminal

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Honolulu International Airport website.
Check-in for all Hawaiian Airlines flights is completed at the inter-island terminal regardless of destination. This means if you're flying inter-island the walk to the gate is as close as passing through security. If you're flying to the U.S. mainland or to one the airline's international destinations, you will have a longer distance to walk to the gates at the Ewa overseas terminal. Click HERE to view and download airport terminal maps.

At the inter-island terminal Hawaiian Airlines passengers only one have one security check-point with two lines. After passing through security, you'll find gates 55 to 61 which are used for inter-island Hawaiian flights. Another set of gates numbered 49-53 are located on a peninsula at the south end of the inter-island terminal.

To reach the overseas terminal gates 26-34 where Hawaiian Airlines operates their flights to the U.S. mainland and international destinations, passengers have two options. One is to walk to the south end of the inter-island terminal, hop on to the moving sidewalk and pass through the agriculture station checkpoint to inspect carry-on bags. There is no metal detector to pass through.

After this point, passengers will have to walk along the bridge that connects gates 26-34 to the main terminal building.
Honolulu International intra-airport shuttle bus.
(photo: hawaii.gov)
The other option is take the intra-airport shuttle buses. After passing through security at the inter-island terminal. Look for the escalators or elevators that takes passengers to the third level. On this level is the route traveled by the shuttle. The shuttle drops passengers at an entrance to each of the overseas terminals. The buses operate between 6am and 10pm daily.

Of course if you have time to spare, it might be worth it to take a pause and enjoy the garden in the inter-island terminal. In case you need to purchase a meal before or for the flight, here are your options:

In the inter-island terminal: Burger King, Chow Mein Express, Lani Moo's Tropical Treats, Island Brews & Pizza Hut, Lahaina Chicken, Starbucks Coffee, Stinger Ray's Tropical Bar & Grill.

In the Ewa concourse: Gordon Biersch Restaurant Brewery, Hawaii Market and Starbucks Coffee in addition to some vending machines.

There is a newsstand in each concourse which also sells water, soft drinks, candy and snacks.

The garden open to all passengers in the inter-island terminal.
(photo: TheHopefulTraveler)


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