Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Gift from the 'Wicked' Preview Event

(photo: TheHopefulTraveler)
It's the holidays and though I'm in the midst of picking up the last of the holiday gifts on my list, it was nice to receive something before Xmas. At the sneak peek presentation this past Wednesday for the Honolulu premiere of the musical 'Wicked', gift bags were offered to the guests who held the original invitations to the event. The bags contained one large t-shirt which had the "Defying Gravity" printed on the back, a pin and sticker. Also included was a gatefold flyer featured images from the show.

Those wanting to purchase official 'Wicked' show merchandise can purchase them at booths at the show or the online Ozdust Boutique or Surely one of the original souvenirs available has to be the projector pen.

Projector Pen image from the Ozdust Boutique online store.


Anonymous said...

The projector pen is no longer available and I'm very upset. My dog just got a hold of mine and chewed it up. I really want another one but can't find anyone selling one anywhere.

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