Monday, November 7, 2011

Shop Marriott, Renaissance, Courtyard and JW

Who would have thought that among business opportunities for the hotel industry would be marketing and selling the products used for each property.

Four websites covering four brands (Marriott, Renaissance, Courtyard and JW Marriott) within the Marriott Hotel family specifically sells products ranging from bedding to room accessories to bath toiletries. I have to admit that after seeing the chic and modern designs of some of these hotel rooms and common areas, I can imagine that some guests may want to duplicate features in their own homes. These products are not cheap. On the ShopMarriott website 16 oz toiletries are $10 and bath towels are $25. Lamps range in price from $175 to $300.

Visit any one of the four shopping websites for more information. There is only checkout even if products are ordered across the four sites.


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