Friday, April 1, 2011

Emirates A380: The Fountain, Stairs and More

(image credit: felix388)
(image credit:
My fascination with the Emirates A380 continues. Visit the flickr album by Telstar Logistics about the Emirates A380 at San Francisco International (SFO) and the photos should satisfy the visual curiosity about the luxury jumbo jet. This photos were taken during a 90-minute by-invitation only flight to allow guests to experience the A380 aircraft. Also visit for more photos from actual flight experience from Dubai.

According to Emirates the decorative water feature and accompanying mood lighting is supposed to create a serene ambience during flight. The plane has features two stairways to access both decks. At the back of the plane is a curving stairway mainly used as a service access for the flight attendants. The stairway at the front of the cabin is meant to be the main entryway for guests seated on the upper first and business class deck. The water feature greets them as they reach the top of the stairs.

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