Monday, May 14, 2007

But What Does it Look Like?

Thank you for the positive emails about the series of Harrods posts. As some of you requested here are the pics you felt were missing for items mentioned in the posts. Guess imagination can only take you so far. The photo to the left is an example of truffle stuffed brie. The photos below are in order: The Iberico Ham, The Iberico Ham Sandwich and English Christmas pudding.

The Hopeful Traveler says that Christmas pudding is very rich and a more sophisticated version of a fruit cake. A small piece is very filling. The store bought product must be steamed before serving. T.H.T. will now look forward to his next trip to London to find out what makes the Iberico Ham sandwich special. As for the truffle stuffed brie, it is completely out of of T.H.T.'s budget. Perhaps Harrods will offer a whiff of it in lieu of a taste. One doubts that Harrods will be offering free sample of this cheese, umh sorry, fromage.


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