Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Food Halls at Harrods - Some Final Words & Other Shopping Suggestions

Harrods is definitely upscale in it's inventory but also a complete department store. Equally fascinating is the food halls at Fortnum & Mason (storefront pictured below), another worthwhile excursion. For keepsakes bearing the Harrods name, check out the Harrods store on the lower ground floor and the Harrods arcade on the ground floor. For purchases of a more reasonable nature, visit the food hall and other departments at stores such as Selfridge's or Marks & Spencer during a shopping excursion of Oxford Street in London. In fact you could make a day of shopping and eating in London. Go figure, considering Britian's reputation for food. But a morning at Harrods then the rest of the day shopping along fashionable Regent Street and Oxford Street will give your feet a good workout. In between you can nosh at your pleasure. Some people look forward to the experience of afternoon tea in London and many a visitor consider the Georgian Restaurant at Harrods at the top of the list. There are however other places to choose for this English tradition. T.H.T. has had one opportunity to have a champagne/afternoon tea at Harrods and the experience was filling that dinner was skipped over altogether. Tea at posh establishments like Harrods, the Ritz Hotel or Fortnum and Mason will probably run about 20-30 British Pounds each (US$40-$60). Often it's about the experience rather than just about the food.

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